In Their Own Words

Amazing transformations can come from addressing the source of your condition—not just the symptoms. Many thanks to the patients below who were so pleased with their progress that they wanted to share their experience.

Brain Fog Is Gone
I Have My Life Back

Reduced Migraines While Eliminating
Migraine Medication Under Care

I’m So Glad I Made
This Investment In Myself

My Auto Immunity Is Now Under Control
And I Feel Great

I Have Totally Transformed And Am Now An Inspiration To My Family And Friends

Increased Focus and Energy
I Love My Life Now

Nine Prescriptions To One With Holistic Medicine

I’ve Had A Complete

After Treatment I Feel Better Than I Have In Years

Now Living
My Best Life

Empowered To Make Better Lifestyle Choices With The Support Of The YWC Team

No Longer Has Anxiety And Feels Like
A New Person

Sleeping great and increased energy!

Stomach issues resolved

Kim Overcomes Chronic Pain And Anxiety

From Poor Health To High Energy

Improved Quality Of Life

Increased Energy And Better Sleep

Suffered From Depression And Insomnia

Feel Like I Got My Life Back

No More Anxiety
And Depression

Difficult Weight Loss and Digestive Issues Are Solved

How One Women Overcomes
Thyroid Symptoms

Marion Overcomes Depression And Feels Better Than She Has In Years

Laura’s Functional Medicine Results Renew Her Excitement For Life

I Made A Commitment To Myself To Make Healthier Choices

Restored Energy
and Motivation

This Journey Has Been
A Blessing In My Life