Adjusting to a Healthy Diet – Your Body WILL Detoxify!

It takes time to be comfortable with the changes in your life no matter what those changes are, and your diet is no exception to that. It is not unusual to feel physically uncomfortable as you detoxify in the process of making over your body chemistry with a healthful diet-as strange as that seems! The more stimulating or harmful your prior habits, the worse you feel when you stop them. When breaking your addiction to salt, meat, dairy, saturated fat, processed foods and other substances, you might feel headachy, fatigued, or

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Hormone and Fat Connection

Hormones may provide an explanation for why women store fat around the hips and men store it around their stomach. Fat around the hips, to some degree, is actually advantageous for women because it provides resources for nourishing pregnancy. However, abdominal fat is an adverse health condition that increases the risk of high blood pressure, high cholesterol and insulin resistance. Gender-related hormone differences and stress responses may help explain patterns of body fat storage in men and women.

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