Dr. Heather Yost is on a mission to educate women and men on ways to achieve optimal health and wellness, through the use of natural safe approaches.

Millions of people suffer from low thyroid symptoms (despite medications or a lack of diagnosis), diabetes, fatigue, sleeplessness, difficult weight loss, depression, anxiety, and frequent illness.  Why? Hormonal Imbalance!

In our Advanced Hormones Workshop, you’ll discover:

  • Why functional medicine is the medicine of the future and what that means for YOU
  • Why so many have low thyroid symptoms despite medications or normal lab tests
  • The most significant cause of hormonal imbalance
  • The link between the foods you eat and your hormones
  • A test that can reveal if you have a hidden thyroid problem making it near impossible to lose weight
  • How the function of your gut can slow your thyroid
  • Why some women have heavy or painful menstrual cycles
  • How fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome are related to your hormones
  • Discover a common cause of infertility or irregular menstrual cycles
  • Why you may be addicted to food and what to do about it
  • A common problem with your digestion that can lead to DEPRESSION
  • How to recognize if you are suffering from stress related health issues
  • A common deficiency that can lead to low thyroid and other hormonal imbalances
  • Discover what’s in your water that can lead to hormonal problems
  • How to pinpoint what’s keeping YOU from losing the weight you want
  • The cause behind INSOMNIA and how to get relief
  • Learn what triggers HOT FLASHES and what you can do about it
  • How your liver function can cause thyroid problems, diabetes, and heart
  • How to beat headaches, fatigue, and depression without drugs
  • Steps you can start taking today to feel healthy again!

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Workshop Details
Date:Saturdays at 10:30am and Thursdays at 6:30pm
Location:3993 100th St.
Urbandale, IA 50322